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K-Meleon 75.0

K-Meleon Review:

 Are you looking for a web browser that will be able to offer you all features that you get on an Internet Explorer and is also faster? Do you want a replacement safe and secure browser that gives you fast and purposeful browsing experience? K-Meleon is the browser that you need to get the same experience that you enjoy when using Firefox and Mozilla web browsers. 

 What Is It?

 K-Meleon is a very quick and lightweight web browser that gives you the best control when browsing online. This web based lightweight and customizable web browser is built on the Gecko layout that you get to see in the Mozilla web browsers. This is a free to use open source web browser that is designed to be used on Windows 32 bit operating systems. It gives you a better user experience than what you enjoy when using Internet Explorer from Windows and is well suited to function on Windows OS. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand. Hence, even novice browser users will be able to use the browser to take a look at their favorite websites. It is very quick and browsing your favorite websites will be done at a very quick pace. 

 Salient Features   

 - K-Meleon uses Gecko layout and hence offers great support for CSS, HTML, (X)HTML and DOM standards.
 - K-Meleon supports multi-tabbed browsing instead of the layered windows option you get in the Internet Explorer. 
 - It supports Java applets and you need to install Java Runtime Environments to use it. 
 - Shortcuts to links (hotlinks) can be applied so  that you access your favorite sites quickly. 
 - Mouse acceleration settings are offered and also you can change the skin to suit your style. 
 - Translation of the whole page into any language is possible using Google Translate.
 - Easily and quickly enable or disable K-Meleon plugins. 
 - It supports secure and encrypted transmissions as it provides SSL and TLS support. 


 - Fast and lightweight.
 - Fully customizable web browser.
 - Suited for older versions of the OS.
 - Simple and good looking interface. 
 - Supports multi tab option.
 - Good alternative to Internet Explorer for Windows. 

 The K-Meleon fast and lightweight browser is an ideal browser to use for home users who are looking for a good replacement for the Internet Explorer browser from Windows. With easy to use interface, multi tabbing options, safe and secure software, Gecko layout engine and ability to work efficiently on old desktops, the K-Meleon is a very good alternative web browser.

Changes on the new version:
Mozilla 31 backend.
New skin and toolbar implementation
K-Meleon screenshotK-Meleon screenshotK-Meleon screenshotK-Meleon screenshotK-Meleon screenshotK-Meleon screenshot

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